I've been a member of DSN for appr 7-8 years.I recently tried to purchase a ring and they told me my credit was on hold.

I asked why and they said I had returned more than I kept, so they weren't allowing me to buy!! I asked "well, what good is having a 30 day money back guarantee? I'm not going to keep a ring or purchase if it doesn't look the same on my hand as the models hand!". I told them I have never had this happen to me, and I watch all jewelry channels.

I also told them they're going to lose customers!!! The rep told me to "make sure" of my purchases from now on.

I told him no, I'm not keeping something to make you happy, it should be the other way around!!


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I called and made a purchase from DSN two days ago, thought better of it and sent e-mail yesterday to cancel the order.When I didn't get a response to my e-mail (I DID ask for a reply), I called today to reiterate that I wanted to cancel the order.

The rep found the order and said, "There will be a 10% restocking fee." No, I said, there won't. No one said anything about a restocking fee when I purchased, and you're not going to unilaterally revise our contract now. I did tell him that I had sent back a ruby which I recently purchased (it was milky) and that on the back of the invoice it mentioned a restocking fee. I told him that I called and one of their reps told me that the restocking fee doesn't apply to normal returns (non-custom items).

So then he says well, you don't pay one if you accept the item and return it within 30 days. Now, does that make any sense? Only if you're a desperate company trying to force customers to accept shipment of their product in hopes you won't return it. Wish I'd seen all these complaints online before I purchased from these people.

What a shame that they feel they need to do business that way -- they have beautiful jewelry, I think classier than any of the other TV jewelry shows.

But they'd better hope they don't make the mistake of keeping some of my money, or I will go to the CA Attorney General with this matter, and they will either be forced to disclose their so-called "restocking fee" up-front (which will cause customers to think twice about purchasing from them), or they will quit that nonsense.Shame on them.


SOP. You'll find that all the brick and mortar jewelry stores do the same thing. It's to keep the people away that buy something, use it for a party or some occasion and then return it (renting for free).

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