I've been a member of DSN for appr 7-8 years. I recently tried to purchase a ring and they told me my credit was on hold.

I asked why and they said I had returned more than I kept, so they weren't allowing me to buy!! I asked "well, what good is having a 30 day money back guarantee? I'm not going to keep a ring or purchase if it doesn't look the same on my hand as the models hand!". I told them I have never had this happen to me, and I watch all jewelry channels.

I also told them they're going to lose customers!!! The rep told me to "make sure" of my purchases from now on.

I told him no, I'm not keeping something to make you happy, it should be the other way around!!

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the few items i have bought from dsn were delivered promptly and what they were represented on screen. i only watch blue, i can't stand art's screaming in the middle of the night. learned a lot from blue, miss rex from the old acn days and hope blue surfaces on another channel now that dsn is gone.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #371748

I bought some Zircons a month ago. They were only $76.

but have not received them. I have sent three emails and called. I got the phone number from this site as it isn't posted on theirs. I was on hold for 10 minutes and then a phone message came on and asked me to leave a message.

I think that I will end up in the same boat as many others who have shopped with them. No product, no money back. I just found out that they have an "f" rating.

Art the giver is Art the grifter. Buyer Beware.

ex dsn customer

to the sanctimonious Gemologist/Jeweler:

brick and mortar jewelry stores do not bait and switch like dsn does. What dsn shows you and what they send you are two very different things. Or as in my case, twice they charged my cc and never sent anything.


to the sanctimonious Gemologist/Jeweler:

brick and mortar jewelry stores do not bait and switch like dsn does. What dsn shows you and what they send you are two very different things. Or as in my case, twice they charged my cc and never sent anything.


FYI guys... The name of the owner of the company is fictitious.The real owner/ceo is a scam artist and a crook.The owners real name is Art Garabedian.

He is a crook/scam artist.Do not buy from DSN!

Read the complaints! These articles are all true!


Direct Shopping Network does not always ship the same items they present. I won a one only auction that they agreed to switch the ruby into a yellow gold setting, took nearly 2 months to receive. I loved the ruby and ring and waited patiently. It was not the "signiture" grade ruby that was shown. They switched it out. Problem is they gave me a different ring and forgot to replace the original tag on the ring clearling showing it was not the same item #. Plus, I knew it the moment I saw the ruby.

Some of the customer service people are so *** rude. When I called today to state I wanted the ring that I purchased, not a refund, they said they could not even look into the matter until I returned the ring that I received. Then hung up the phone on me.

They recently showed gorgeous "intense" pink diamonds. They were strikingly pink. I bought some. I received garbage. These are not the same stones. I'm tierd of returning items. It costs me a lot of money because I have to send with signiture confirmation and insurance. Plus I paid for shipping to begin with and now they want 5% restocking fees.

Last year I returned a few items in one box. They said one of the items was not there. I never got my money back on it.

Direct Shopping Network has never refunded my money without my having to call and/or write them to complain after 30-60 days. Then I get my money. The refund is never automatic. I guarantee that this is their policy. Do not provide refunds until customer calls complaining they want their money!

I don't know what to do. I am addicted to Jewelry and Gemstone and cannot afford items at retail prices. I try to be very very careful. But if they switch out on you, what to do? They are unscrupulous garbage people. If only I could shut that ugly Lauren Blares mouth up. Who wants to look at that bad taste women (such bad taste hair and clothes) for 20 minutes before show the ring, then another 10 minutes before you even get the price.

This is the end for me. I will reconcile my account and pending purchases and I am done with those crooks.


disappointed;i am waiting now two months for a ring i ordered from DSN. I have always appreciated the past purchases.

I have recently been experiencing, DSN, charging my credit card for my purchase and me waiting, as i,ve said, two months, and having to call this company. I believe this tactic to be illegal.

When purchasing you are not told your purchase will take time to be made, as the DSN, operator i spoke with said.My super question is are they holding customers money and collecting interest.An inquirey should be made by the Attorney Generals Office. Pass it along.


I have the 7yr. itch as well re dsn what happened to blue? & shona the 2 best!


I have the 7yr. itch as well re dsn what happened to blue? & shona the 2 best!


so... if you order something and keep sending it back, then heck yeah..

you should be on a credit hold. we are in the retail business too, and buy our stones from DSN because we cannot get to the big shows in Hong Kong, etc... Never disappointed... And if someone kept buying something (maybe to wear to a party?!), then returning it...

over and over, you bet you'd be on a credit hold with us. Especially if it's one of a kind or auction item. It's hard to sell it again.

Just plain good business... the 30-day gets abused sometimes...


I called and made a purchase from DSN two days ago, thought better of it and sent e-mail yesterday to cancel the order. When I didn't get a response to my e-mail (I DID ask for a reply), I called today to reiterate that I wanted to cancel the order.

The rep found the order and said, "There will be a 10% restocking fee." No, I said, there won't. No one said anything about a restocking fee when I purchased, and you're not going to unilaterally revise our contract now. I did tell him that I had sent back a ruby which I recently purchased (it was milky) and that on the back of the invoice it mentioned a restocking fee. I told him that I called and one of their reps told me that the restocking fee doesn't apply to normal returns (non-custom items).

So then he says well, you don't pay one if you accept the item and return it within 30 days. Now, does that make any sense? Only if you're a desperate company trying to force customers to accept shipment of their product in hopes you won't return it. Wish I'd seen all these complaints online before I purchased from these people.

What a shame that they feel they need to do business that way -- they have beautiful jewelry, I think classier than any of the other TV jewelry shows.

But they'd better hope they don't make the mistake of keeping some of my money, or I will go to the CA Attorney General with this matter, and they will either be forced to disclose their so-called "restocking fee" up-front (which will cause customers to think twice about purchasing from them), or they will quit that nonsense. Shame on them.


SOP. You'll find that all the brick and mortar jewelry stores do the same thing. It's to keep the people away that buy something, use it for a party or some occasion and then return it (renting for free).

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